7 Twitter Tips for PR

We just shared some quick tips for getting a basic Twitter program up and running with a client. With an eye on leveraging our content in as many ways as possible, here's a PR-centric take on those recommendations:

  1. When tweeting articles, include the author's handle, not just the publication's. This lets reporters know you're paying attention to them, and can cause them to start paying attention to you.
  2. Follow reporters who cover your space and interests (duh).
  3. To find reporters and articles, pull news from aggregators in your space - such as a relevant SmartBrief.
  4. Use Twitter's new "retweet with comments" feature. This allows you to promote a reporter's tweet while creating conversation.
  5. Share things with reporters. See an article you know a reporter would like? Share it with them in a tweet.
  6. Create your own Twitter media list. Keep all of the reporters in a single list and check it a few times a day for posts to retweet or reply to. Reporters often RT other reporters, so it's a good way to find new folks to follow, as well.
  7. Don't spam reporters. Use Twitter to share information, not to spam reporters with pitches.

We're PR geeks, not social media nerds, so no doubt the "experts" may have issues with the above list - or see gaping holes. But all in all, this is a great way to get started.

And hey nerds, if you'd like to share additional ideas, just email me.