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Cultivate a Culture of Action to Drive Your Team Forward

Marc Uible is VP of marketing at Threekit, a Chicago startup whose software platform enables companies to create interactive 3D, photorealistic images, and augmented reality without the need for traditional photography.

Marc talked about how his...

Teach Your Customers What You Can Do for Them to Get Better Results (and Referrals)

Griffin Caprio is the co-founder and CEO of Dante32, a startup that helps brands tell their stories through end-to-end podcast production services as well as content marketing and strategy.

Should Your Business Start a Podcast? Tips from an Insider

We’ve written in the past about how to pitch your story to podcasts – but what if you want to launch your own? Podcasts are more popular than ever, especially among affluent and educated listeners

Why Giving Away Your Secrets Is a Good Content Strategy

Back in the day, companies guarded their trade secrets fiercely. So fiercely, in fact, that urban legends sprung up around the practice – including the one I heard as a kid about how the Neiman Marcus people charged some lady $250 for their...

You’re Paying for Content. Now What?

We’ve heard it a million times: content is Elvis.

How to Use a Company Blog to Enhance Your PR

If you maintain a company blog, chances are you use it to provide helpful information to prospective and current customers. That’s fantastic. I’m here today to explain how you can make a few gentle tweaks to that blog so that it also positions...

How to Write Better, Faster

Chances are, if you work in an office, you have to write – emails, reports, pitches, blogs, tweets. Or maybe you’re trying to work in a better office (like ours) and are faced with the task of writing three dozen cover letters.

The Startup’s Guide to Promoting Content with LinkedIn Ads

Ever wondered about LinkedIn ads? I have. Specifically, I’ve had the suspicion that they could help Propllr clients get their content in front of more people – but I wasn’t sure exactly how. So I got on the phone with some folks who manage social...

No SEO on Staff? Check These 4 Things

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of “internet hygiene.” Maintaining the SEO part of your website is like maintaining your car: you can’t just fill it with gas (or content) and expect it to keep running safely. You’ve got to...

Great Content on a Tight Budget

I got an email today from a nonprofit asking if Propllr could help with content marketing. The sender had a $4,000 budget and wanted to know if we would be able to create 50 articles of 2,000 words each for this price – aka $80 per 2,000-word...

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