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Want to Start a Podcast? 4 Insights from Unbossed’s Marina Malaguti

In 2019, Marina Malaguti was looking to hire a data scientist. More specifically, she was looking to hire a female data scientist. As the director of product and engineering, data science, and data engineering at her then-employer, she was...

Why (and How) to Repurpose Your Audio Content into Articles

This post is the first in a series we’re doing on repurposing content. Today, we’ll focus on repurposing audio content into written work – for example, turning a podcast into a blog post or guest post.

Should Your Business Start a Podcast? Tips from an Insider

We’ve written in the past about how to pitch your story to podcasts – but what if you want to launch your own? Podcasts are more popular than ever, especially among affluent and educated listeners

How to Pitch Podcasts in 8 Steps

Companies love getting their message to a customer who’s willing to listen. That’s why they spent $479 million on podcast advertising last year.