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10 Ways to Never Run Out of Ideas for Your Blog

Writing is hard. Figuring out what to write about can be even harder.

Faced with an Impossible Task? Here's How to Get It Done

I was born in Wuhan, China. My parents and I immigrated to the US when I was five. We are now US citizens, but the majority of our family still lives in Wuhan.

As a result, my dad often takes months-long trips back to visit. During the end of his...

Your Chicago Work from Home Survival Guide

Let me start by acknowledging that I realize that being able to work from home puts me among the lucky ones right now.

What The Great British Baking Show Taught Me About PR

Thanksgiving is almost here. Anyone who knows me knows this means I will soon hole up in my kitchen, intoxicating myself with the scents of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, maniacally churning out baked goods like a sugar-addicted mad scientist.

9 Startup Marketing Tips from This Week’s Here’s How Conference

It’s been a busy week at Propllr headquarters, in part because we had our eighth Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference on Wednesday. In the coming weeks, we’ll post video of each presentation here, but I heard some stuff yesterday that was too...

Why I Left Big Companies to Work with Startups

Before coming to Propllr, I worked at two Fortune 200 companies. They both had very different cultures, but the things that made them similar are why I decided I needed a change of pace: my job descriptions were laid out like a manual and I...

Propllr Gives Back!

To celebrate the holidays this year, Propllr is donating to the following nine organizations – one chosen by each member of the team.

Propllr’s 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! We’re here to save you from showing up to holiday parties with ho-hum gifts for your loved ones. And this year, the Propllr team’s grown, which means even MORE suggestions for what to get the person in your life who...

Why I Switched to the “Dark Side:” A Journalist’s Journey to PR

I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 15. In 2008, at age 25, that dream became a reality. I spent the next decade working as a videographer, reporter, and editor, for HuffPost, The Jerusalem Post, and others. 

Propllr's 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Waited a little long to figure out everyone’s gifts this year? Fear not. The trusty Propllr team is here with suggestions on can’t-miss holiday gifts that will make you seem thoughtful and in control

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