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Brenna Lemieux

Brenna Lemieux
Brenna Lemieux is Director of Content Marketing at Propllr and the author of two poetry collections and some short stories. She also enjoys running and eating popcorn.
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Black and Latinx Business Owners: Grow Your Business with EY’s Entrepreneurs Access Network

In 2019, Ernst & Young launched the Entrepreneur Access Network (EAN), a program to give Black and Latinx entrepreneurs access to resources that will increase their odds of long-term success – and in the process, help close the racial wealth gap...

5 Foolproof Blogging Tips that Work for Every Business

There aren’t many universals in the world of content marketing.

Introducing “Amplify Your Wins: The Startup’s Guide to Promoting PR Placements”

3 Ways to Use Your Blog to Get Media Coverage

We’ve written about content-led PR before and shared our tips for getting a reporter’s attention in your media outreach.

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Songwriters: The I-V-vi-IV Approach to Blogging

I’m not a musician. But I married one, and because of that we have musical instruments lying around our house, and because of that our 11-month-old son believes he can point to one and invoke music (see Figure 1).

Want to Start a Podcast? 4 Insights from Unbossed’s Marina Malaguti

In 2019, Marina Malaguti was looking to hire a data scientist. More specifically, she was looking to hire a female data scientist. As the director of product and engineering, data science, and data engineering at her then-employer, she was...

How to Lay the Foundation for a Content Program in One Hour a Week

Know you need a content program?

The Content Agency’s Role in a Startup Content Program

A recent article from the lovely folks at Animalz offers some insight into the role a content agency can play on a hybrid content team. It’s a great post and worth a read if you’re growing a larger content team and thinking about how to balance...

8 Virtual Startup Events to Get on Your Q2 Calendar

The good news as we approach Q2 2021: vaccines are rolling out around the country, and we’re seeing promising signs that they’ll be widely available before summer. The bad news: new COVID infections are still north of 50,000 per day, which means...

Propllr’s Content Philosophy

Propllr is a PR and content marketing firm, so creating “content” is a huge part of what we do every day. It makes a difference for our clients. I like to think it helps people in the world understand things better and see connections they...

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