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How to Launch a Seven-Year Old Startup

What happens when your startup has some years under it, but you need to get some new excitement and attention? Courtney Jane Acuff of ItemMaster decided to just launch her startup again.

How to Build a Startup Marketing Department from Scratch

Is it time for your first startup marketing department? Here's how Narrative Science's Katy DeLeon did it - from the ground up.

She Did Lead-Gen Wrong to Do It Right

Forget everything you know about lead-gem - that's what Clutch's Kate Atty did - and it worked out great. Here's how.

Kate Atty is the Vice President of Marketing at Persio, Inc. (now Clutch). Below is a transcript of her presentation at the January...

Startup Sales - How to Sell One Product to Customers of All Sizes

It's hard enough to sell to a single kind of customer - how do you sell to many different personas? RetireUp's Brian Bossler has figured out startup sales for many audiences.

Brian Bossler is the Chief Operating Officer at RetireUp, a Chicago based...

How to Kill It Before You're Killing It

As a startup, sometimes you need your customers and partners to think you're something more than you currently are. Kaleigh Simmons explains how she did it at Rippleshot.

Kaleigh Simmons was the marketing director at Rippleshot, a Chicago based...

How to Make a Product Video When You Have No Product

A product video is a great way to introduce a new offering, but what if your product isn't ready yet? Jenny Beightol, formerly of Belly, knows the secrets.

Jennifer Beightol is a fantastic Chicago startup marketer. Below is a transcript of a great...

How to Increase Tradeshow ROI for Your Startup

Ever wonder if tradeshows are a good idea for your startup? How do you know if they're worth the cost and time? And if you do make the investment, how do you get the biggest tradeshow ROI? Patrick Niersbach of InContext Solutions has cracked the...

Double Your User Growth with Network Effects

Startups are all about user growth - how do you do it without breaking the bank? Pangea's Lamia Pardo says the secret is network effects.

Lamia Pardo runs growth and operations for Pangea, a mobile app for international money transfers. Below is a...

How Startups Can Use Video for Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition for an entirely new product or service offering is hard. Video - done right - can make it easy. Here's how Reverb's Peter Schu did it.

Peter Schu is Director of Content from, an online marketplace for musical...

Lead Generation Steps for Pre-Launch Startups

You're about to launch your startup, but you don't yet have a product. How on earth can you run a lead generation program? Brian Sparker from Review Trackers shares how he did it.

Brian Sparker is the head of content marketing at Review Trackers, a...

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