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Feeling Stuck in PR Pitching? Pretend You’re at A Cocktail Party

One of the first lessons we’re taught as incoming media team members at Propllr is “be human.”

How to Use Clubhouse to Help Your PR Efforts

You’ve probably heard of Clubhouse, the “drop-in audio chat” app launched in April of last year. The platform, which has exploded over the past few months, is now used by everyone from Elon Musk to Oprah for real-time conversations in “rooms”...

How to Use PR to Attract Attention from Startup Investors

Wondering how startup investors find the companies they invest in? 

PR: Public Relations or Parks & Rec?

What The Great British Baking Show Taught Me About PR

Thanksgiving is almost here. Anyone who knows me knows this means I will soon hole up in my kitchen, intoxicating myself with the scents of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, maniacally churning out baked goods like a sugar-addicted mad scientist.

How to Get a Story About Your Startup on the Local TV News in 8 Steps

If you’re a startup trying to grow a national – or even global – brand, you may not think that getting your story on the local TV news can help.

The Signs of The Zodiac as Bad PR Pitches

At Propllr, we do our best to pitch reporters information that is relevant, highly targeted, and not overwhelming. But for anyone in PR, it’s a learning process, especially when you have to fight against your own nature, like your zodiac sign.