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4 Content Lessons from a 17-Month-Old

I knew when I decided to have a child that the experience would change me, but I didn’t realize quite how deep those changes would go.

What We’re Grateful For (2021 Edition)

What a year, eh?

Find Pitching Tricky, Tedious, or Tiresome? Try the 3 Ts of Media Outreach

Think of the last time you “fell for” an advertisement.

The Best Writing Advice You’ll Ever Get

Writing is hard. Writing well is harder. And consistently writing well while meeting deadlines? If that’s in your wheelhouse, get in touch. (Seriously: Propllr is hiring!)

The Art of the Follow-Up

Follow-ups on media pitches are kind of like your yearly physical. Nobody really likes them, but they’re invaluable for making sure nothing gets missed. Here are three pitch tips that can help you write meaningful follow-ups that actually get a...

10 Tips for Quotes Reporters Can’t Resist

When you sit down with a reporter, it’s important to know your story, to know your facts and figures, and to know what that reporter finds interesting. It’s basic prep work for anyone handling PR.

PR As Project Management: 5 Tips to Drive Success

PR can feel like a behemoth to tackle. And let’s face it – you’re a startup founder or part of an early stage team with little spare time as it is. I doubt that the thought of writing press releases gets you out of bed in the morning.

Here’s How We Helped Our Clients Secure Over 40 Award Wins in 12 Months

Award wins can provide a huge boost to your startup’s image.

5 Content Strategy Lessons I Learned from Watching All of Grey’s Anatomy

Be honest with yourself: how many shows have you watched in their entirety since March 2020 that you never would have found time for outside of lockdown conditions?

How to Write About Numbers When You Hate Math

Among writers, it’s fashionable to hate math.

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