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8 Tips for a Great Interview

Landing an interview with a reporter can be exciting or nerve-racking, depending on your view of talking to strangers. From a PR perspective, the best interviews involve two things: key messaging and good vibes.

How to Get a Reporter's Attention

Looking to get media coverage for your startup? The first step is to remember that the “media” is made up of real people whose job it is to tell interesting and important stories to their audience. If you want one of those people to tell your...

Want to Accelerate Your PR? Slow Your Pitch

In our productivity-obsessed society, it’s easy to feel the need to do more – and do it faster. But in PR, sometimes the best way to get better results is to slow down. Specifically, to slow your pitching.

What the First Month of a Successful Startup PR Program Looks Like

Your startup has decided to take the plunge and invest in a PR program – now what?

Want to Supercharge Your Startup’s PR Program? Get Your Customers Talking

You’ve probably heard a million news stories that start with the personal story of someone who was affected by the larger trend or event being covered. For example, a recent NPR piece about creating a frozen bunker for helpful germs begins like...

Why You Can’t Switch PR On and Off

If your business were a house, your PR program would be more like your HVAC system than the the lights – constantly working in the background. It works best (and most efficiently) when it can run consistently, ready to be adjusted to suit your...

3 PR Measurement Strategies to Track ROI

In the startup world, it’s normal to track marketing ROI obsessively. When you’re working on a shoestring budget, there’s no room to spend money on efforts that don’t pay off – including efforts that are notoriously difficult to measure, like...

Concrete Ways to Revise for Clarity

Here’s How We Dominated Our Space Without Spending a Dime

Nick Chapleau is the Founder and CEO of Starchup, the Chicago-based software company creating a mobile search platform for on-demand laundry services.

Read on for a transcript of his presentation from our January 16, 2018 Here’s How Startup...

Here's How We Nailed Hiring Our First Product Marketer (Me!)

Andrea Bailiff-Gush is the Product Marketing Manager at Cleverbridge, an e-commerce service providing subscription billing solutions to companies all over the world.

Read on for a transcript of her presentation from our January 16, 2018 Here’s...