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How Much PR Potential Is There for Your Startup?

What Kind of PR Program Is Best for Your Startup?

You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What?

How Do You Calculate a Startup PR Retainer?

Public relations doesn’t do itself any favors when it comes to budgeting for startups.

Bullshit (and Donald Trump)

Dispatches from SXSW: Max Levchin

This write-up was whipped together between sessions at SXSW. Grammatical mistakes and typos may occur, and are in fact – if they do occur – quite charming and authentic.

4 Lessons the Chicago Startup Scene Has Taught Me in 4 Years

This article by Propllr partner Mark Meadows originally appeared in ChicagoInno

9 Content Marketing Lessons I Took from Michelin Travel Guides

Content marketing is surging in popularity, but it’s no new strategy. Over the past 100+ years, perhaps Michelin Guides have done it best. I took a look at Michelin as a case study and broke it down into 9 content-marketing steps helpful for any...

Startup Founder Lesson - Don't Be Murderous

Hello again!

This is the latest in our occasional emails with ideas on startup PR, updates from Propllr and shout-outs to folks deserving of shout-outs.

A New Office

First things first - as many of you know, Propllr has finally gone legit, with our...

7 Twitter Tips for PR

We just shared some quick tips for getting a basic Twitter program up and running with a client. With an eye on leveraging our content in as many ways as possible, here's a PR-centric take on those recommendations: