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Myth-busting: You Do Your Best Work Under Pressure

I had an epiphany.

Every Picture Has Been Taken

If I had to pick one thing I’ve been passionate about in my life outside of work, family and friends, it would be photography. While I love reading books, listening to music, seeing movies and watching sports, those are (by me) passively consumed,...

Q&A: Elaine Pofeldt's Tips on How to Pitch Your Startup

We work with a lot of great reporters at Propllr, and one of our favorites is Elaine Pofeldt, a very popular freelancer who writes about startups and interesting businesses for publications including Fortune, Money and Crain’s New York Business. We...

Pay-per-Hit PR: Does It Work?

Measuring the value of startup public relations is a critical but challenging task (we wrote about this earlier here). Some common ideas for measuring performance are to base value on advertising equivalencies (with a “credibility” multiplier) or on...

Anatomy of a Startup Profile:

Rebellion in the Marketplace (

-- By Carmel Deamicis, PandoDaily, November 19, 2013

5 Steps to Measure and Maximize Startup PR ROI

The majority of Propllr’s clients are startups. The majority of startups are founded by engineering-types. The majority of engineering-types are quant-driven. The majority of quant-driven people are, well, quant-driven. So when we pitch our services...

Anatomy of a Startup Profile: AngelList

The Social Network for Startups (AngelList)

-- By Brad Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek, January 20, 2014

Anatomy of a Startup Profile: Quirky

Is This the World’s Most Creative Manufacturer? (Quirky)

By Josh Dean, Inc., October 2013

What's Your PR Tagline?

A friend of mine is starting a new company. When I asked him to tell me about it, he described it as a grassroots public affairs firm. I lived in Washington, D.C. for 10 years of my life and was constantly around political-types, but when it came to...

Anatomy of a Startup Profile: Stripe

The New Power Player in Online Payments  (Stripe)

By Miguel Heft, Fortune, December 9, 2013