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Dispatches from SXSW: Max Levchin

This write-up was whipped together between sessions at SXSW. Grammatical mistakes and typos may occur, and are in fact – if they do occur – quite charming and authentic.

4 Lessons the Chicago Startup Scene Has Taught Me in 4 Years

This article by Propllr partner Mark Meadows originally appeared in ChicagoInno

9 Content Marketing Lessons I Took from Michelin Travel Guides

Content marketing is surging in popularity, but it’s no new strategy. Over the past 100+ years, perhaps Michelin Guides have done it best. I took a look at Michelin as a case study and broke it down into 9 content-marketing steps helpful for any...

Startup Founder Lesson - Don't Be Murderous

Hello again!

This is the latest in our occasional emails with ideas on startup PR, updates from Propllr and shout-outs to folks deserving of shout-outs.

A New Office

First things first - as many of you know, Propllr has finally gone legit, with our...

7 Twitter Tips for PR

We just shared some quick tips for getting a basic Twitter program up and running with a client. With an eye on leveraging our content in as many ways as possible, here's a PR-centric take on those recommendations:

Our Core Principles (and How We Got There)

I’ve been all-in on the great How to Start a Startup podcast and webinar series put together by Sam Altman and Y Combinator.

A Lesson for Startups - Don't Celebrate Early

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Put the Relations in Public Relations: 5 PR Tips for Startup Founders

I have been doing PR for startups for more than 20 years, and over that time I’ve seen great interviews and total disasters. The great ones seem effortless; the bad ones are slogs. What makes the great interviews great? Given that the R in PR stands...

I Talk About Startup PR with Bootstrapping in America

4 Miracle Sites to Get Your Startup or Product Noticed

Word of mouth will always be the best way for an emerging business to gain new customers, but sometimes it takes just a small nudge to reach the tipping point – when momentum accelerates and your product becomes viral.