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Startup Secrets: Building a Startup Marketing Automation Program from Scratch

Melanie Chapman is on the marketing team at Jellyvision, an employee benefits communications technology company.

Below is a transcript of her presentation from the November 11, 2016 Here's How Startup Marketing Conference, where she shared her...

Startup PR Secrets: 5 Steps to 100 PR Placements a Year

Phil de Guzman is Communications Lead at ContextMedia, a point of care patient education and communications platform. Below is a transcript of his November 11, 2016 presentation at the first Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference, where he shared...

6 Organizational Hacks for the New Startup PR Pro

As a recent graduate and newbie to PR who now works for fast-moving and quite demanding startups, many right here in Chicago, I have had to quickly learn how to juggle diverse clients and multiple projects. Thankfully, I have always been an...

Propllr's First Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a last minute gift for your favorite PR person?

Don't Be That Guy: 20 Reporter Tweets About #BadPR

Twitter is far and away the most popular social platform for reporters to share stories and insights. It's also where they go to share complaints about #BadPR.

How Much PR Potential Is There for Your Startup?

When a startup launches a PR effort it is (almost) always with great expectations. But, as with any endeavor, a lot of the output is based on the input. And that input is not so much the time and energy expended on getting coverage, it's how many...

What Kind of PR Program Is Best for Your Startup?

You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What?

How Do You Calculate a Startup PR Retainer?

Public relations doesn’t do itself any favors when it comes to budgeting for startups.

Bullshit (and Donald Trump)