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3 Reasons to Hire a Startup PR Firm – or Not To

I talk to a lot of startup founders who have little knowledge of PR other than an idea that their company should be in TechCrunch. While placements are an easily identifiable result of any PR effort (we sure like to trumpet them on our site), they...

Thoughts on PR and Content Marketing with MeetAdvisors

I was pleased to have the opportunity to share Propllr's take on PR with the folks at MeetAdvisors. We talked about the roll PR plays for startups, our expanding work in content marketing and even some ideas for DIY PR.

Zillow’s PR Formula: P+D+CM

There are few things more powerful for an exposure-wanting startup than data, and this Fast Company article about Zillow’s success does as good a job as any in showing how data makes a difference.

Master Class: 5 Interview Lessons from a Fortune 20 CEO

Last week, Propllr coordinated an interview between a top-tier business reporter and a former Fortune 20 CEO. In the past, the CEO has undoubtedly received hundreds of hours of training and practice speaking with media, analysts and the general...

Myth-busting: You Do Your Best Work Under Pressure

I had an epiphany.

Every Picture Has Been Taken

If I had to pick one thing I’ve been passionate about in my life outside of work, family and friends, it would be photography. While I love reading books, listening to music, seeing movies and watching sports, those are (by me) passively consumed,...

Q&A: Elaine Pofeldt's Tips on How to Pitch Your Startup

We work with a lot of great reporters at Propllr, and one of our favorites is Elaine Pofeldt, a very popular freelancer who writes about startups and interesting businesses for publications including Fortune, Money and Crain’s New York Business. We...

Pay-per-Hit PR: Does It Work?

Measuring the value of startup public relations is a critical but challenging task (we wrote about this earlier here). Some common ideas for measuring performance are to base value on advertising equivalencies (with a “credibility” multiplier) or on...

Anatomy of a Startup Profile:

Rebellion in the Marketplace (

-- By Carmel Deamicis, PandoDaily, November 19, 2013

5 Steps to Measure and Maximize Startup PR ROI

The majority of Propllr’s clients are startups. The majority of startups are founded by engineering-types. The majority of engineering-types are quant-driven. The majority of quant-driven people are, well, quant-driven. So when we pitch our services...