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This GovTech Startup Leads Its Industry by Putting Clients in the Spotlight

Liz Fischer is the Chief Marketing Officer at CityBase, a tech firm that works with government and utility clients to integrate with client databases through their unified API.

Read on for a transcript of her presentation from our April 16, 2019 ...

Stick with PR – What Do You Know About Being Clever on Twitter

4 Ways to Get More Impactful Media Coverage

Many startups want to get their name in front of everyone, thinking that more placements means that they’ll reach more buyers.

How AMOpportunities Tapped into the International Market by Focusing on Shared Values

Kyle Swinsky is the CEO of AMOpportunities, a Chicago-based startup that helps international doctors and medical students find clinical training opportunities in the United States.

Read on for a transcript of his presentation from our April 16,...

What Makes a Good Award Nomination: Advice from a Judge

Award wins can be a powerful way to grow your company. Aside from bragging rights, there are many practical advantages to winning awards, including building credibility and brand awareness, attracting potential hires, and grabbing the attention...

How SpringFour Turned Customers into an Unstoppable Sales Team

Rochelle Gorey is CEO and Co-Founder of SpringFour, a Chicago-based fintech startup with a focus on social impact that works within the financial services industry to help connect customers and borrowers to resources that provide financial...

The Case for Thought Leadership as a PR Strategy

Is there something most people don’t understand about your industry that you wish they did?

Do you have an excellent way to explain it to them?

Do you sometimes find yourself muttering, “I oughtta charge for these ideas”?

If so, thought...

Using Surveys to Drive Media Coverage

If you pay attention to the news, you’ve no doubt come across headlines like these:

How PR Can Support Recruitment Efforts

We’re living in a candidate-driven market.

Everyone Could Use What This Company's Selling – How NuCurrent Picked Their Target Markets

Mike Harmon is the Director of Marketing at NuCurrent, a Chicago-based startup that specializes in wireless power.

Read on for a transcript of his presentation from our April 16, 2019 Here’s How Startup Marketing Conference, where he describes...