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Pitching a Freelancer? Read this First

For the past five years, I’ve lived a double life:

What Startups Should Know About the Newsroom

It can be hard for startup founders to see eye to eye with journalists.

How to Use a Company Blog to Enhance Your PR

If you maintain a company blog, chances are you use it to provide helpful information to prospective and current customers. That’s fantastic. I’m here today to explain how you can make a few gentle tweaks to that blog so that it also positions...

47 Startup PR Tips from Top Tech Reporters


There's a lot of bad PR out there, and reporters have had enough.

If you follow them on social media (you should), you'll find no shortage of examples of PR gone bad. Mail-merged pitches with bad first names. Glaring errors in targeting....

Want High-Impact PR? Be Ready to Do These 5 Things

If you’re considering a PR program for your business, you’re probably looking to boost your company’s credibility and awareness about what you do. You want your story in front of key audiences so you can improve your performance in sales,...

How to Become a Thought Leader: 5 Ways to Build Your Online Reputation to Get More PR

In a recent survey from Edelman, 58 percent of decision makers said they’d awarded business to a company with executives who exhibited thought leadership (this citation is evidence: we’re quoting another PR firm because of its thought...

How to Get a Profile of Your Startup, According to Polina Marinova

Photo credit: Austin Smith

If there’s anyone who knows what makes a great profile, it’s Polina Marinova.

11 Ways for Sales and Marketing Teams to Leverage PR Wins

In my experience working at public relations (PR) agencies and as a one-man in-house marketing team at a startup, I’ve seen the impact that PR has in helping a business achieve its objectives. 

How to Get a Reporter's Attention

Looking to get media coverage for your startup? The first step is to remember that the “media” is made up of real people whose job it is to tell interesting and important stories to their audience. If you want one of those people to tell your...

Want to Accelerate Your PR? Slow Your Pitch

In our productivity-obsessed society, it’s easy to feel the need to do more – and do it faster. But in PR, sometimes the best way to get better results is to slow down. Specifically, to slow your pitching.

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